Mobile phones damage brain cells

Report dubs environmental guidelines as obstacles to atomic energy projects

A requiem for the nuclear plant

A lawsuit filed by residents demanding the per

the mayor of Tokai prefecture Tatsuya Murakami has alleged that the nuclear accident that occurred on September 30 was caused and later mishandled by the central government. The government's

Metal fatigue was apparently responsible for last month's nuclear plant accident in Japan's Fukui Prefecture. According to a recent announcement by the plant operator, a massive amount of

Adinarayana Gopalakrishnan , former chairperson of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, submitted a report to the prime minister s office listing the safety lacunae in India s civilian nuclear set up in 1996 . In an interview wit

The science, technology and environment ministry of Thailand has suspended a nuclear research reactor project at Ongkharak district. Deputy minister Pornthep Techapaiboon said the lack of required

greenpeace, the us -based environmental group, released a report showing that the environmental impact assessment ( eia ) on completion of nuclear reactors Khmelnitsky 2 and Rovno 4 in

A lot of effort has gone into programming Cassini, the last of the bigger spaceships produced by NASA. But the mission is unlike others in that the probe is hardwired to study one planet, yet flexible enough to counter the unexpected