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Sixty five lakh out of 1.57 crore children aged between 10 and 14 are engaged in different types of risky jobs in Bangladesh.

The Union Minister for Tribal Affairs, Mr. Jual Oram, has stated that a comprehensive review of tribals is being under taken all over the country to ascertain their status. This would also address

Globalisation has not proved beneficial to the downtrodden communities in any part of the world despite it's tall claims, leader of the Narmada Bachao Andolan Medha Patkar said on Sunday. Speaking

Leelabai has made new friends today. There's Jagrani from Sitapur, Deep Lata from Kullu, Kalpana Gautam from Etawah, Chatiya Devi from Patna and Sheela from Harlan. It is their big occasion--all

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will provide $150,000 as technical assistance to Pakistan for the education and rehabilitation of working children and freed bonded labourers.

The world's population topped the 4,000-million mark during January and could double in less than 40 years, according to UN estimates. The latest edition of the UN Demographic Year Book put the

Karnataka is among the 13 states which have large population of child labour in country, Union labour minister Satyanarayan Jatia said on

Mumbai is set to replace Tokyo as the world's most populous city by 2020, according to a study released by the Washington-based Population Institute. Mumbai, currently home to about 18 million

Government has prepared development of schedule tribes, but the schemes have not been implemented properly. This is evident by the pathetic plight of the Kamar tribe.Spread in the areas of Selbehara,

UNICEF has selected six towns of Haryana, including Sonepat district for providing financial assistance to those living below the poverty lien during the current financial