To revive the population of big cats in Sariska national park in Rajasthan's Alwar district, one tigress will be relocated there tomorrow from Ranthambore national park, state forest and environmen

The Rajasthan Government’s Forest & Environment Department has submitted a proposal to the National Tiger Conservation Authority for relocation of two tigress sisters from Ranthambhore National Park to Sariska Tiger Reserve in Alwar district in view of the big cats being unable to mark their territories after their mother’s death.

The two tigresses, now aged two years each, were orphaned when their mother, T-5, died after a fight with another tigress in Kachida area of Ranthambhore. The cubs, artificially fed for some time, have many times strayed near human habitations, giving rise to fears that they may come into conflict with humans.

Jaipur: For the wildlife lover who cannot travel to Ranthambore or Sariska every now and then, the Jhalana forest area is proving to be a great alternative. The panther spotting at the forest makes up for the lack of tigers.

And, if the proposal to declare the forest area as a sanctuary comes through, it would be another feather in the cap for Jaipur, a much sought-after tourist destination in the country.

killing by some villager or whether it died a natural death. The carcass had rotted away beyond recognition while it is also suspected that wild animals may have eaten away its flesh. Pug marks of hyenas and that of another tiger were found near the carcass.

“The trap cameras have failed to throw up any concrete picture of the movement of another tiger in the area. We will be changing their position for a better picture,” sources said. The mystery over the death deepened with possibilities that suggest death could be due to any of the reasons. “While there are canine marks on its neck but the marks are not definitive. Scientists of the Wildlife Institute of India suggested that the marks were such as the teeth were sunk in twice in the same area,” sources said.

A mutilated, maggot-eaten carcass of a tiger was recovered the Gilai Saga-Khadar area of the Ranthambore tiger reserve in Sawai Madhopur district on Sunday morning.

Getting an UID is no longer just a unique human right. Tigers can have it too.

JAIPUR: In a major boost to tiger conservation, the expert committee has defined the core and buffer zones of the Mukundra sanctuary.

JAIPUR: It was the end of a long wait for tourists, hoteliers, tour operations and the entire town of Sawai Madhopur as the gates of Ranthambore National Park was opened for tourists on Wednesday morning. Excitement was palpable as the first vehicle moved into the green forest.

According to sources, nearly 16-17 gypsies and four canters went in for safari in the morning as well as the evening. However, currently all tickets for safari are being given on current bookings. The facility for advance bookings will be activated from Thursday. And this time a lot of changes have been made in the rules for advance booking so as to ensure that no black-marketing of tickets take place.

Jaipur: Clingy cubs have held back their mother, a tigress at the Ranthambore National Park, after she had been identified for relocation to the nearby Sariska Tiger Reserve.

The famous Ranthambore and Sariska national parks in Rajasthan were thrown open to tourists on October 17, a day after the Supreme Court lifted the interim ban on tourist activities in the core areas of tiger reserve forests in the country, following the notification of revised comprehensive guidelines for tourism in these zones.

The resumption of tourism activities brought cheer to hoteliers and tour operators, whose business had been hit hard by the cancellation of tiger safaris and bookings, following the impasse after the apex court’s July 24 order, which halted all tourism-related activities in the tiger reserve areas