The decision to reduce penalties under Rajasthan Forest (amendment) Act, 2012 by the cabinet on Thursday has opened backdoor entry for mine mafias to grab depleting forest land.

Alwar: Territorial equations in the Sariska tiger reserve are in a jeopardy! Three tigers shifted from Ranthambore are upsetting equations here.

Jaipur: Safari at the Ranthambore tiger reserve becomes bigger, literally!

In a bid to decongest the tiger reserve, the forest department has added a new zone at the reserve. “We have been working on zone number 10 for about two or three months and sprucing it up. It is now ready and we will be opening it for safari from January 18,” said Rahul Bhatnagar, field director, Ranthambhore.

A wildlife photographer with a mission, Mona Patel has taken it upon herself to start a campaign to save the tiger.

Seven teams of forest department experts are maneuvering through a forest near Ranthambhore National Reserve for a two-and-a-half year tiger, which strayed from the reserve about a month ago and ha

Relocation of a few tribal villages from the Kawal Tiger Reserve (KTR) in Adilabad district as an important measure towards improvement of the habitat has once again come to the fore following the

Two adult and three sub-adult tigers in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve are “missing” while two adult carcasses have been found in the reserve since December last year.

JAIPUR: Death is the word doing the rounds in Ranthambore as far as tigress T-17's sudden, mysterious disappearance is concerned. It is nearly a month since the tigress, also called Sundari, went missing from the reserve leaving its three one-year-old cubs literally in the lurch.

However, it is yet to be conclusively proved whether she had died as her body could not be traced even by the 110 strong force of foresters deployed to trace her. The fact that numerous camera traps in the reserve have not been able to locate her also makes chances of her being alive slim.

Govt Reworked On Documents After UN Body Rejected Five Of The Six Monuments Last Year

JAIPUR/GWALIOR: The search for a home led a young male tiger from Ranthambore to travel through villages and agricultural fields, cross the Chambal river and 'settle' 220km away in a patch of forest in Datia district of Madhya Pradesh.

This is the farthest any big cat from the national park is recorded to have travelled. The journey has been documented by Ranthambhore's deputy conservator of forest YK Sahu, field biologist Dharmendra Khandal (of tiger watch), and Ayan Sadhu, a junior research fellow at Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun.