Over 10,000 Dependent on Illegal Mining for Livelihood

Alwar: Nearly 10,000 peoplein 50 villages of Alwar’s Tijara area alone are dependent on illegal mining for earning their bread and butter.
This simple statistics of a small area in Alwar speaks volumes aboutthe gravity ofillegal mining in Rajasthan even asthe administration, police and mining department launched a statewide campaign against illegal mining on Monday.

Alwar: Territorial equations in the Sariska tiger reserve are in a jeopardy! Three tigers shifted from Ranthambore are upsetting equations here.

After Peaceful Ways Fail To Yield Results, Villagers Threaten To Intensify Protest

Alwar: The ongoing agitation of villagers has spelled doom for the tourism industry at Sariska tiger reserve with mass protest against relocation entering the 13th day on Tuesday. Nearly 2,500 villagers who stay around the park have been blocking its main entrance since February 28. They threatened to intensify the stir on Monday as their peaceful agitation has failed to create any impact on the administration officials.

Alwar: Paucity of funds has stalled the relocation of villages from the Sariska tiger reserve.

According to sources, the relocation of at least seven villages in the Sariska tiger reserve has been stalled since the state forest department is experiencing fund crunch. Not just this, there are several hundred families who have already been relocated from the reserve but have not got the second and third installments of their compensation package.

State’s Tall Claims To Check Illegal Practices Fall Flat Once Again

Alwar: Two labourers were buried alive in an illegal mine after stones came crashing on them during an explosion in Alwar’s Tapukara police station area on Tuesday night. As the police and rescue workers could not take the bodies out of the debris till Wednesday night, the tall claims of state government to have enforced the Supreme Court’s complete ban on illegal mining in the area fell flat with these horrifying deaths.

Hundreds of the farmers who were protesting against the relocation of their villages started a sit-in in front of the entrance of the gate. On Wednesday, hundreds of villagers had gathered for a mahapanchayat against the government order of not letting the farmers sell off their lands because of the ban on selling and purchasing of property nearby the reserve.

Alwar: A 50-member team that went to Kahrani village in Alwar district to stop illegal mining on Sunday was attacked by the illegal miners.

Chief Secy Asked To Submit Compliance Report Within Two Weeks
A central empowered committee (CEC) constituted by the Supreme Court condemned the Rajasthan government for its failure in restricting illegal mining in the state and ordered to take immediate steps in regulating it.

The instructions came after the Supreme Court passed an order directing the central empowered committee (CEC) to submit a report regarding the alleged illegal mining going on in some parts Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.