The work of Tarun Bharat Sangh in Rajasthan has received much attention. There is an urgent need though to question development challenges that go overboard in extolling the virtues of greenery without tracing the hands that own the land and harvest the fruits of public money.

The Magsaysay award for Rajendra Singh has meant volte face by critics of community based water harvesting

The government NGO friction at Lava ka Baas has opened a Pandora s box water ownership, archaic laws and hopeful communities that want to hold on to the assets they have created

Along with Tarun Bharat Sangh ( tbs)

June 4, 2001: The Rajasthan irrigation department gives a notice to Tarun Bharat Sangh ( tbs ) calling the johad built by the Lava ka Baas villagers is unsafe. It directs tbs to see that

Water laws in India are archaic and anti-

All attempts by cse coordinator Indira Khurana to meet Rajasthan irrigation minister Kamla Beniwal went in vain. The minister refused to give an appointment. Khurana was directed to speak to the

The EU has reluctantly decided to part ways with the US and stick with the Kyoto treaty

The Rajasthan government believes that it has a right over every raindrop and makes a move to demolish a water harvesting structure set up by local people to meet their water requirements