THE INTERNATIONAL Institute of Environment and Development (IIED) in London has been conducting research on environment- and development-related policy issues for the past 20 years. Policies for a

Environmental concerns and the end of the Cold War are spurring radical changes at the UN. But the revamp is turning out to be another thorny issue.

WHICH wildlife sanctuary in India is the world's only floating sanctuary? And, did you know the giant clam lays one billion eggs at a time? These are some of the fascinating facts on natural life put

THE WOMEN'S Feature Service (WFS) is a news service that deals not just with equal rights for women, but with "development from a progressive, women's, or gender, perspective." It has transcended the

HARMONISING the management of environmental and trade interests is like blending east and west -- the twain shall never meet. Not, at least, in the foreseeable future. Yet, this is the central

Against a background of worldwide recession, the Rio conference came and went with many promises of aid by the Northern countries. But by the end of the year, nobody remembered those promises or the problems of the South. Even doughty donors like the Scan

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A short term economic policy has meant more unemployment and poverty as well as a slower growth rate and environmental degradation