Oct. 22: District authorities have promised to preserve the temple of Vakula Devi at Peruru hillock near Tirupati and protect it from the impact of quarrying.
Legends say that Goddess Vakula Devi is the mother of Lord Venkateswara.

June 27: Over 50 contractors, mostly from the mining and road construction sectors, are competing with each other to get hold of forest lands abutting the Mallayya hill range in Tamballapalle mandal of the district.

Tirupati, June 26: Climate change has had its effect on the flower production in Tirumala as well.

Since 2000, the climactic conditions on the Tirumala hills have been changing and this has affected the output of flowers by the garden department.

Tirupati Nov. 13: About 1000 farmers

HYDERABAD: Water will be released from Telugu Ganga project in Andhra Pradesh to Chennai from mid-August. The exact date of release of water will be finalised after a joint meeting of officials from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu to be held soon.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today made a strong pitch for augmenting power generation in the country to achieve high economic growth rate on a sustainable basis.

India needs to bridge the gap between demand and supply of electricity and provide affordable power to industry and agriculture to ensure sustained economic growth, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Wednesday.

Hyderabad, Dec. 18: The world