BEIJING - China on Monday allocated 220 million yuan ($33 million dollars) to typhoon-hit Fujian and Zhejiang provinces for disaster relief work.

Flights and trains in Taiwan were disrupted by the approach of the third typhoon this month and most cities planned work and school closures for Tuesday.

A powerful typhoon slammed into Japan on Tuesday, leaving at least three dozen people injured and one missing, as torrential rains caused serious flooding that washed away a bridge and inundated ho

A strong typhoon made landfall on southwestern Japan on Tuesday, bringing heavy rain that caused floods, forcing flight cancellations and prompting local authorities to issue evacuation advisories

CHENGDU -- Six people died and 10 are missing after downpours battered Southwest China's Sichuan province on Sunday and Monday, according to local authorities.

FUZHOU - Typhoon Meranti has left 28 people dead and 15 others missing in the eastern Chinese provinces of Fujian and Zhejiang.

TAIPEI - One person was killed and 51 others were injured since Wednesday as Typhoon Meranti has traveled across southern Taiwan, according to local authorities on Thursday.

ONE person died and another is missing after Typhoon Meranti battered southeast China’s mainland with heavy winds and torrential rain yesterday, cutting power, ripping up trees and smashing windows

PARTS of Taiwan were brought to a standstill yesterday as Typhoon Meranti skirted past the island’s southern tip, bringing the strongest winds in 21 years and disrupting traffic ahead of a major ho

Typhoon Meranti slammed into southeastern China on Thursday, bringing strong winds and lashing rain and cutting power in what state media said was the strongest storm of the year globally, but ther