Warns municipal officials that they will not get salaries if civic bodies fail to deposit amount

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Nuggehalli Jayasimha Vs Government of NCT of Delhi dated 08/07/2019 regarding non compliance of environment norms by the dairies operating in Delhi. It is alleged that solid, liquid and gas waste is generated and dumped into the drains which are meeting the river Yamuna and thus, this activity results in contamination of river Yamuna. The waste clogged the drainage system which was becoming breeding ground for mosquitoes and other inspects and thus creating health hazard.

Mining contractors have reportedly again constructed unauthorised bundhs and makeshift passages in Pobari, Gumthala and other villages of Yamunanagar district to undertake mining activities in the

Increased water volume will reduce pollution, but plans to augment river flow miss deadlines

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Ajay Pandey & Others Vs Union of India & Others dated 24/05/2019 regarding illegal sand mining taking place on the river bed between Etawah and Jalaun District including Auraiya District, Uttar Pradesh. According to the applicants, illegal sand mining is taking place in the river Yamuna and its four tributaries namely Chambal, Kwari, Sindh and Pahuj which merge in Yamuna in the area called Panchnad by using JCB and other machines.

On International Biodiversity Day, Environment department of Delhi University organised a workshop to educate Delhiites about ecosystem across the world.

How an age old misconception about the Chambal saved it from pollution.

AGRA: In an innovative and artistic way to motivate people on keeping Yamuna clean, a group of foreigners from different South American countries have collectively built a 2.5-metre-tall statue of

Report of the Joint Inspection Team in the matter of Uma Shankar Patwa Vs Union of India in compliance of order dated 11/03/2019 regarding demarcation of Yamuna river floodplain in Agra and the construction in it.