Report by the Central Pollution Control Board, Regional Directorate, Bengaluru on the management of jarosite in industries involved in primary production of zinc from ore.

The National Green Tribunal, southern zone vide order dated January 9, 2023 had directed the Central Pollution Control Board to file a report on the existing guidelines for jarosite.

Pollution data of 271 industries covering pesticides, pharma produces, pulp and paper, zinc, copper, aluminium, tie-dye, chloride, sugar, distillery, tannery, power, cement, fertilizer, iron and st

PANJIM: Not satisfied with the ‘short-term measures’ undertaken by M/s The Axis to ensure safe storage of hazardous waste dumped at plot No. L-2 in the Cuncolim Industrial Estate, the Goa State Pollution Control Board has asked the company to initiate immediate action to ensure temporary safe storage of the waste.

In directions issued on March 8, the Board has asked the company among other things to construct a shed around the hazardous waste with GI sheets on the sides, a new boundary wall to keep intruders and stray animals out, storm water drains leading to a settling tank and construct four test wells.

PANJIM: In an interesting development, M/s Axis Ltd has approached the Administrative Tribunal, Goa, challenging the Goa State Pollution Control Board’s decision to seal its premises, over the issue of 25,000 tons of hazardous waste lying at their site at Plot number L-2 and L-3, at the Cuncolim Industrial Estate.

M/s Axis has also challenged the Board’s decision to revoke the Consent to Operate, issued to the firm for the establishment of a unit to manufacture cement products at Plot No-3 on March 1, 2012. The appeal has been admitted by the Tribunal, which is likely to hear the matter on Monday.

MARGAO: The plots containing the hazardous waste finally lay sealed at the Cuncolim Industrial Estate, but questions have come to the fore how the authorities overlooked the 20,000 tons of waste in the two plots while granting permissions to the present occupier the Axis to use the land for industrial purpose.

Questions are being raised whether the authorities, including the Goa State Pollution Control Board, the Industrial Development Corporation and the SBI Stressed Assets Management, Mumbai were more concerned with granting permissions for the present occupier than tackling the existing waste. The roles of these authorities have come into sharp focus as the occupier The Axis has maintained they are being made a scapegoat for the tons of waste lying at the plots before they could take possession.

MARGAO: A day after directions were issued to the South Goa district Collector to seal the premises in plot Nos L-2 and L-3 in the Cuncolim Industrial Estate, the Goa State pollution Control Board (GSPCB) is mulling criminal proceedings against the occupants for allegedly handling hazardous wastes dumped on the plots.

The GSPCB on Tuesday dispatched messengers to serve the directions to the District Collector and the IDC field officer to initiate action at the ground level to ensure a total stop to waste handling in the two plots.

MARGAO: A surprise inspection conducted by a team of Goa State Pollution Control Board and IDC officials confirmed the worst fears as 25,000 tons of hazardous waste was found dumped haphazardly at the Cuncolim Industrial Estate.

The team also inspected the controversial fish meal plant and collected water samples for investigations. A visibly agitated GSPCB Chairman Jose Manuel Noronha warned of prosecution of a representative of Ms Axis Ltd, even as he directed the company representatives to remain present in his office at 11.30 am on Monday for further action on the hazardous waste.

Will the Cuncolim Industrial Estate be finally rid of the 25,000 tons of Hazardous waste lying in the plot which once housed Ms Sunrise Zinc and is now occupied by Ms Axis Pvt Ltd?

This question has come to the fore as the Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) has issued directions to the Goa Industrial Development Corporation to set up a captive landfill site to dispose off the hazardous waste.

: With the prospects of transporting 25,000 tons of hazardous waste turning out a remote possibility, the Goa State Pollution Control Board on Wednesday has directed the Managing Director of Goa In

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