Judgment of the Calcutta High Court regarding kerosene oil pricing, 12/09/2023

Judgment of the Calcutta High Court in the matter of Yeasin Molla & Others Vs Union of India & Others dated 12/09/2023.

The petitioners are the ration card holders and members of Priority Household under the National Food Security Act, 2015. In the instant writ petition the petitioners have challenged the reasonableness of soaring price of kerosene oil under Public Distribution System.

"It is the duty of the Central Government to fix subsidized price under PDS Kerosene Scheme, 2016. The oil companies cannot fix the price of kerosene in the manner on the basis of import party pricing, said the order passed by Justice Bibek Chaudhuri.

The Calcutta High Court directed the Central Government to adopt and take a policy decision for fixing the rate of subsidized price of kerosene oil for the consumers. The West Bengal Government was also directed to impose a minimum rate of taxes, cess and other duties to fix the selling price of kerosene. This will enable the "poorest of the poor citizens of our country who really need kerosene oil to illuminate their homes and prepare their food burning cow dung, coal etc with the help of kerosene oil," said the order.