Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding cutting of trees and encroachment of green belt area in the city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, 11/09/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Central Zone Bench, Bhopal) in the matter of Dr. Subhash C. Pandey Vs Bhopal Municipal Corporation & Others dated 11/09/2023.

The applicant, Subhash C. Pandey said that under the Capital Project Administration, plantation was done in the Bhopal city but the trees and plants are being cut or damaged and land under plantation has been diverted or continuously under encroachment by the unauthorised persons for personal and commercial purposes.

The NGT directed the applicant, Subhash C. Pandey to submit a detailed report with regard to violations committed so that Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board and Municipal Corporation, Bhopal would be able to submit their replies.

The specific contentions are (i) Cutting of trees (ii) encroachment on the green belt area (iii) use of green belt area by the occupiers in violation of environmental rules. In addition, the court directed a three member committee to look into the matter and verify the allegations.