Glaciers of the Himalaya contribute significantly in the processes linking atmosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere, thus need to be monitored in view of the climatic variations. In this direction, many studies have been carried out during the last two decades and satellite-based multispectral data have been used extensively for this purpose throughout the world. The present study is aimed at mapping of glaciers in two adjacent basins (Warwan and Bhut) of the Western Himalaya with almost similar altitude and latitude and comparing the changes in the two time-frames with respect to three parameters, i.e. area, debris cover and area–altitude distribution of glaciers. The two time-frames are topographical maps of 1962 and IRS LISS III images of 2001/02. Deglaciation was observed in both the basins with 19% and 9% loss in the glaciated area in Warwan and Bhut respectively.