A concept of knowledge and technology enabled empowerment of rural Indian villages

The objective of rapid development of rural population in a sustainable manner with a view to bridging the urban–rural divide would require leveraging knowledge and technology in an environment conducive for innovation. The concept of a CILLAGE that incorporates the best of a city in a village is developed with this objective in mind. A CILLAGE is a knowledge-based ecosystem for integrated education, research, technology development and deployment as well as capacity building in rural areas. The focus of research work at a CILLAGE is on regional problems. CILLAGE activities also include a comprehensive engagement with people in the neighbourhood for demonstration and deployment of relevant technologies through a number of Advanced Knowledge-based Rural Technology Initiative (AKRUTI) centres located in the neighbourhood. CILLAGE should thus become a centre of innovation in rural areas to solve the problems of the region and disseminate the developed technologies in the region through AKRUTI centres. This article discusses the philosophy of the CILLAGE concept and describes its implementation through an example.

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