Congenital brain abnormalities and Zika Virus: What the radiologist can expect to see prenatally and postnatally

Much has been written recently regarding Zika virus in pregnancy and the increased risk of microcephaly in fetuses exposed to the virus. The outbreak of infection in Brazil, especially in the northeast part of the country, has been of particular concern. The virus has been found in the fluids of pregnant mothers and during autopsy in the brains of neonates with microcephaly. Much of the concern in the media regarding the teratogenicity of Zika virus infection has focused on brain findings of microcephaly. However, as documented in many case series, there are a variety of brain abnormalities that can be found in fetuses exposed to intrauterine Zika virus infection. These include abnormalities in ventricular size, gray and white matter volume loss, brainstem abnormalities, and calcifications.

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