The meat you eat

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Animal parts strewn all over the place; dogs and vultures preying over these wretched remains; dirt festering all around; horrible stench that makes your innards wrench with revulsion. Check out the meat you eat. For such horrific features are common to most slaughterhouses in the country.

Most abattoirs across the country dispose of their waste in the most hazardous manner, pollute land, air and water and make lives of those living in their immediate vicinity miserable. Residents living in immediate environs of many slaughterhouses in the country often complain of blood trickling out of their taps. State governments have tried out various remedies such as effluent treatment plants (ETP), rendering plants and relocating slaughterhouses. But nothing has worked.

Why is the problem so unmanageable? According to a report published by the New Delhi-based non-governmental organisation (NGO), Vatavaran in 2000