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River Kosi is subjected to severe domestic and industrial pollution and this recent study on the Kosi river concludes that due to high alkalinity it is not suitable for
agriculture. Also indicates that most of the pollution is due to the Industrial discharge and agricultural run-off and cattle dropping are the sources of organic pollution.

Water of River Kosi in stretch of 35 Kms at Rampur was studied for pollution by determining various water quality parameters, for all three seasons viz. winter, summer and rainy season. The river is subjected to severe domestic and industrial pollution at Kashipur (U.A). This polluted water is carried down stream to
Rampur (U.P.). The pH range is 7.3 to 7.9.The organic pollution is mild as indicated by DO (6.2-7.5 mg/l) and BOD (5.0-6.0 mg/l). But the highest value of COD ranging between 25.0 mg/l to as high as 40.0 mg/l, indicates industrial pollution. To monitor the water quality samples from six stations were collected monthly. In this paper the results of one year study are presented.