Pomace in fruit industry and their contemporary potential application

Food economy plays a major role in world development. A food chain, from an economic point of view, means a long series of interdependent management processes, which have the main goal to providing food to people. It consists of many elements like food production, harvesting, processing, storage, and trade. Fruit processing in Poland is a significant part of the Polish economy. During fruit processing for consumption, by-products are also produced, the largest portion of which is pomace. As pomace is a part of fruit, it has big health beefits and application potential. Pomace could be successfully converted into edible products. At the moment fruit pomace is used as in food stock for animals, or thrown away, which can cause environmental pollution and minimises potential. Fruit pomace is a big potential source of energy biomass for the production of biogas and bioethanol. This paper reviews the literature on the possibility of using selected fruit pomace in industry

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