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Minerals  are  the  gift  of  nature  which  occurs  either  in  thick  forest  areas  or  adjacent  to  it. During  the  course  of  mining,  vegetation/forest  gets  destroyed  and  gets  replaced  by  huge quantities  of  overburden  dumps.  Restoration  of  these  dumps becomes  necessary  so  that  the land  may  come  back  to  its  original  topography.  Soil  has  the  significant  role  in  restoration process.  Present  paper  focuses  on  how  the  physical  characteristics  of  soil  affect  the restoration intervention in a derelict mined land. The study was carried out with an objective of evaluating the role of soil physical properties in ecological succession of an age series of 23,  22,  21  and  20  years  old  restored  mine  sites  in  Dehradun  district,  Uttarakhand,  India.