Simulated projections for summer monsoon climate over India by a high-resolution regional climate model (PRECIS)

Impact of global warming on the Indian monsoon climate is examined using Hadley Centre’s high resolution regional climate model, PRECIS (Providing REgional Climates for Impact Studies). Three simulations from a 17-member Perturbed Physics Ensemble generated using Hadley Center Coupled Model (HadCM3) for the Quantifying Uncertainty in Model Predictions (QUMP) project, are used to drive PRECIS. The PRECIS simulations corresponding to the IPCC-SRES A1B emission scenario are carried out for a continuous period of 1961–2098. The model shows reasonable skill in simulating the monsoon climate over India. The climate projections are examined over three time slices, viz. short (2020s, i.e. 2011–2040), medium (2050s, i.e. 2041–2070) and long (2080s, i.e. 2071–2098). The model projections indicate significant warming over India towards the end of the 21st century.