Will China challenge world fish stocks?

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• China is the largest producer and consumer of fish. Its zero growth policy for capture fisheries since 1998 will prevent the depletion of fish stock, while most of its future demand will be met through aquaculture

• In 2000, global fishery production was 130.4 million tonnes (mt) and China's share was 41.6 mt

• Production sources include capture fisheries and aquaculture

• Of the 94.8 mt of global capture fisheries in 2000, China accounted for 18 per cent (17 mt), down from the 20 per cent share it held in 1998. At 17 mt, it was the leader in capture fisheries

• But, China would account for five per cent of the expected 13.7 mt increase in the world's capture fisheries from 1997 to 2030. Latin America and the Caribbean will responsible for most of the increase