News In Short

coastal campaign: The National Fishworker's Forum began a two-month campaign in Gujarat to draw public attention to the centre's move to dilute Coastal Regulation Zone Notification, 1991, and frame new law for coastal zone management. Members allege such measures would lead to "the sale of India's 7,500 km coastline and marine waters to private players'. "Throughout the Gulf of Kutch, unplanned industrialization threatens coasts and people's livelihoods,' said the forum's chairperson.

stay away: India's Power Finance Corporation has asked the central government to keep international consultancy major Ernst & Young away from further projects under the Union Ministry of Power. It cited "professional misconduct' by the company while evaluating bids for the Rs 20,000 crore Sasan ultra mega power project in Madhya Pradesh.

acquitted again: A Delhi court on April 22 acquitted Sansar Chand, the "most wanted wildlife trader', after the wildlife department failed to prove his offence. On October 27, 1992, the wildlife department arrested Chand on charges of possessing skins and other body parts of animals, including tigers and leopards. He was booked under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

allowed entry: The Uttarakhand forest department has allowed Van Gujjars to enter the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi. This, after they were denied entry earlier (see