At the North Pole

British explorer and environmentalist Pen Hadow and two colleagues are at the North Pole measuring the depth of ice. Equipment from Vanco, a virtual network operator, was used to transmit videos almost in real time. Excerpts from Hadow's blog:

Saturday; October 27, 2007

To fly from Yellowknife (Canada) to our trials base, the Eureka Weather Station, at 80 degrees north, we had chartered our own Dornier 228. Our flight plan involved refuelling at both Cambridge Bay and Resolute Bay...With lousy weather over Resolute, we had to develop a back-up..The only way to avoid losing at least a day of our precious five days trial period was to build in the option of refuelling at Pond Inlet, considerably off route..This meant replacing trial equipment payload with extra flying fuel. The (trial equipment) had to be cut back by 295 kg