Hyderabad: Adding to the water woes of the city, drying borewells are cause for serious concern.

As many as 208 of the total 977 power borewells and another 547 of the total 5,293 hand borewells have dried up a month before “peak summer” hits the city. Mobile tanker bookings have shot up from 15,000 trips in February to 42,000 trips in April and are expected to cross 50,000 trips in May.
To add to the problems, the shortage of piped water supply will go up to 40 MGD from May 20, 2013, as against the present 20 MGD deficit per day. Water Board is supplying about 320 MGD per day as against the normal requirement of 340 MGD per da. The supply will be reduced to 300 MGD from May 20. Shortage of piped drinking water supply has direct effect on the usage of ground water.