Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh government will set up two solar parks of 1,000 MW and 300 MW in Anantapur and Guntur districts respectively.

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board’s scheme to regularise illegal water connections has failed miserably with not a single application being submitted.

To put an end to unplanned haphazard development, the Secunderabad Cantonment Board has decided to prepare a land-use plan that will identify and demarcate the roads and areas of the Cantonment int

Though Osmansagar and Himayatsagar are on the verge of drying up due to poor inflows, there is some good news too. Groundwater levels in most of the localities in the city have risen.

Industries and commercial establishments in and around the city should brace for a steep hike in drinking water tariff as the Hyderabad Water Board has proposed a 100 per cent hike.

Hyderabad: Citizens acquiring a house or building one have to first construct a rain water harvesting (RWH) pit in their plots and then apply for permission to build one.

Hyderabad: Has the famous hospitality of Hyderabad gone for a toss due to water scarcity in the city? This seems true in the case of a large number of families who have asked their relatives and friends not to visit them this summer and only reach here after the monsoon hits the city.

Shortage of drinking water supply has compelled many families in the state capital to politely turn down requests for a vacation visit by their relatives as many borewells have dried up and the duration of piped water supply has also been reduced.

Hyderabad: Adding to the water woes of the city, drying borewells are cause for serious concern.

As many as 208 of the total 977 power borewells and another 547 of the total 5,293 hand borewells have dried up a month before “peak summer” hits the city. Mobile tanker bookings have shot up from 15,000 trips in February to 42,000 trips in April and are expected to cross 50,000 trips in May.
To add to the problems, the shortage of piped water supply will go up to 40 MGD from May 20, 2013, as against the present 20 MGD deficit per day. Water Board is supplying about 320 MGD per day as against the normal requirement of 340 MGD per da. The supply will be reduced to 300 MGD from May 20. Shortage of piped drinking water supply has direct effect on the usage of ground water.

Hyderabad: World Water Day will be observed as usual on March 22 even as citizens of Greater Hyderabad continue to be deprived of even the minimum litres per capita of water per person per day of

The city is looking at a shortage of at least 40 million gallons of drinking water supply during the coming summer.

The Water Board will be forced to reduce the duration of supply even in the core city during the summer as the reservoirs have not received sufficient inflows due to a poor monsoon. This was revealed by Water Board managing director J. Syamala Rao at a media conference on Thursday.