Shawls, an antelope and the law

Atul Kaushik
Hats off to Anil Agarwal for his insightful piece on Kashmir and environment. It is such rational thinking that can resolve the trade-environment debate.

Uday Turaga
The column you wrote on the issue and the perspective that you brought to the Kashmir issue is immensly creative and appealing. I've often read and heard about the need to attempt resolving the Kashmir issue through a strong economic revival and the ideas you suggest seem to be a wonderful place to start from.

Valmik Thapar
Noted wildlife activist
What can I say! Anil does not understand wildlife and the fact that the Tibetan antelope cannot be bred in captivity. This is not an issue about pro-poor or anti- poor. It is an issue about fact and fiction. Life and its quality cannot be determined by illusionary economic factors.

The next suggestion could be