Ministry of Finance and Planning of Sri Lanka (Government of Sri Lanka) presently operates under His Excellency the President himself as the Minister of Finance. It is in charge of formulation of national economic and financial policies and strategies of the country. Formulation of fiscal policy and macro fiscal policy management, preparation of national development plan and management of financial resources, management of national tax policy and effective use of government revenue and coordination with the Central Bank on the formulation of monetary policies and overall macro economic management are some of its responsibilities.

In addition the coordination of public and private sector activities and facilitation of the private sector for economic development, coordination with international agencies and mobilization of foreign resources ensuring effective use, management and accounting for the consolidate fund and publication of annual accounts of the country on international standards, overall management of revenue agencies and administrative and monitoring functions in respect of state banking and financial institutions are conducted by this ministry.

The team of official who support His Excellency the president for the smooth functioning of the ministry includes a minister of state revenue, a deputy minister of finance, the Secretary to the Treasury and his deputies and set of professional in the respective fields including finance, economic affairs, planning, banking and administration.