The Rural Electrification Board of Bangladesh has been providing service to rural member consumers for over 30 years. Continued support from the Government of Bangladesh, the donor community, consulting partners, and member consumers will help this program continue to expand, providing the gift of electricity to millions more Bangladeshi households, businesses, and industries.

Since inception, REB sets forth the following major objectives in implementing the rural electrification program.

Ensure peoples participation in policy formulation in a democratic way.
Provide reliable and sustainable electricity to the rural people at affordable price.
Improve economic condition of the rural people by using electricity in agriculture, cottage and agro based industry.
Improve living condition of rural peoples.
Bring about entire rural Bangladesh under RE program or an area coverage basis.

To achieve the objectives of rural electrification program at the implementation level, the Board established Palli Bidyut Samities (PBS) [which means Rural Electric Societies in English Language] based on the model of Rural Electric Co-operatives in USA under the universal principle of co-operative, democratic decentralization and ownership of consumers. A PBS, which owns, operates and manages a rural distribution system within its area of jurisdiction is an autonomous organization registered with REB. The member consumers participate in policy making of PBS through elected representative to the PBS governing body known as Board of Directors.