Assessment of ambient air quality of Lucknow city during post-monsoon, 2013

The study was carried out during the month of October, 2013 to see the status of air quality by monitoring and assessment of some selected air pollutants namely Respirable Particulate Matter (RSPM or PM10), Sulphur dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and noise level at 9 representative locations, categorized as residential (four), commercial (four) and industrial (one) areas in Lucknow city. The results revealed the 24 hours concentration of PM10 was in the range of 101.2 to 365.9 μg/m3 with an average of 203.9 μg/m3. The average values of PM10 irrespective of locations were found to be above the permissible limit (PM10 =100 μg/m3) prescribed by MoEF. 24 hours concentration of SO2 and NOx were found in the range of 7.9 to 31.3 and 30.7 to 89.6 μg/m3 with an average concentration of 15.9 and 54.8 μg/m3 respectively and all the values were below the permissible limits (80 μg/m3). Noise levels during day and night time were found in the range of 62.2 to 74.5 dB(A) and 54.2 to 71.5 dB (A) which was above the respective permissible limits (day and night time noise levels in residential area are 55 and 45 dB(A) and corresponding values for commercial area are 65 and 55 dB(A) respectively) except in industrial area which is 68.9 and 65.5 dB (A) during day and night time respectively. .