Biomass fuel supply study in the state of Rajasthan

In the order dated 11th Oct., 2010, Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC) had nominated Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Ltd., nodal agency for the promotion of renewable energy in the state, to get the prices and the price trend of main biomass fuel in the state studied/surveyed, particularly in respect of mustard crop waste and Juliflora biomass. In response to the mentioned order, Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited had invited proposal from Consultants for carrying out ‘Biomass Fuel Supply Studies in the State’. The basic TOR of the study was as following: Biomass price and price trend; District wise estimates of surplus biomass that is available for energy production on a long term sustainable basis; and Average calorific value of fuel and losses during storage. The entire assessment work has been carried out in two phases-the 1st one on ‘Biomass Price Analysis’ and the 2nd one on ‘Biomass Assessment Study’ covering district wise estimates of surplus biomass, average calorific value and losses during storage.