Deepar beel is one of the largest and most important riverine wetland in Assam's Brahmaputra valley. It is Located between Latitude: 26° 05' 'North to 26° 11’ North and Longitude: 91º 35’ East to 91º 43’ East. Deepar beel covers an area of 40.14 sq km and varies in depth from approx. 1 meter to 4 meter depending upon the season.  Deepar beel is one of the largest staging sites for migratory birds in India; some of the largest congregations of aquatic birds in Assam can be seen here, particularly in winter. The wetland supports a highly concentrated and diverse indigenous freshwater fish population. The wetland is a major fish breeding ground, which supplies fish stocks to other nearby wetlands and rivers. Because of the richness of avian fauna, Deepar beel has been selected as one of the Important Bird Area (IBA) sites by Birdlife International and is the only Ramsar Site in the state of Assam.