Central Motor Vehicles (Motor Vehicle Accident Fund) Rules, 2022

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on February 25, 2022 has issued The Central Motor Vehicles (Motor Vehicle Accident Fund) Rules, 2022. This shall come into force on April 1, 2022. The following has been stated namely: Establishment of Motor Vehicle Accident Fund - – The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund shall comprise of the following three accounts: Account for Insured Vehicles, Account for Uninsured Vehicles or Hit and Run Motor Accident and Hit and Run Compensation Amount. Powers and functions of Trustees - For the furtherance of the objects of the Trust, and matters incidental or ancillary to the attainment thereof, the trust shall make the periodical review of the working and utilisation of the Motor Vehicles Accident Fund (Trust Corpus), and make recommendations to the Central Government for relevant corrective steps, wherever necessary. Disbursement of fund for cashless treatment - Subject to the scheme, the disbursement of the fund for cashless treatment shall be in accordance with this rule. Disbursement of fund for hit and run compensation. - In case of hit and run motor accidents, the compensation under section 161 shall be disbursed from the Hit and Run Compensation Account in accordance with the Compensation to Victims of Hit and Run Motor Accidents Scheme, 2022.