This EIA report on 10,000 mw Jaitapur nuclear power plant being set up by NPCIL in Ratnagiri says that, this project will have no impact on ecology of the region. However it has not been shared with affected villages and the project has met with strong protests.

In order to assess the potential impacts arising due to setting up of Nuclear Power Reactors at Jaitapur site, NPCIL has assigned National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) to undertake environmental impact assessment studies for various environmental components and to prepare an environment management plan for minimizing potential impacts.  This environmental impact assessment report contains the baseline data collected during summer, post monsoon and winter season (2006-07) for air, noise, water, land, biological environmental components, including radiological parameters and socio-economic conditions with a view to identifying, predicting and evaluating the potential impacts due to proposed activities.  An environmental management plan and radiological and emergency response system have also been addressed in the report.

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