Examination of IA No 77903 and 77914/2019 (Rain CII Carbon Vizag Ltd) in compliance with directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of 8.7.2019 and IA No 90305 and 90306 (Guwahati Carbon Ltd and others)

On 8.7.2019, the Hon’ble Supreme Court directed EPCA to file a report with respect to IA No 77914/2019 (Rain CII Carbon Vizag Ltd). In the matter of IA 90305 and 90306 (Guwahati Carbon Ltd and others), the Hon’ble Court directed that liberty is granted to the applicant (s) as prayed to apply to EPCA. EPCA has convened two meetings, on August 1, 2019 and August 8, 2019 with all stakeholders to examine the issues (see Annexure 1 for list of participants). This report is being filed in compliance with the above directions. As the issues in the 2nd matter (Guwahati Carbon Ltd and others) are inter-connected, EPCA is taking the liberty to file a combined report for the consideration of the Hon’ble Court.