The Global Innovation Index 2018: Energizing the World with Innovation

India has consistently been climbing up its Global Innovation Index (GII) rankings since 2015, but the country still has to improve on many indicators to catch up with China and others in the list of 126 nations. The latest GII rankings, released in New York, put India at 57th position and China at 17th in 2018 as compared to their last year’s rankings of 60th and 22nd respectively, giving insight into their innovation capabilities and results. Switzerland retained its number-one spot in the GII ranking and figured with Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Singapore, United States of America, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Ireland in the list of top 10 nations. The global ranking is published by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) – a specialized agency of the United Nations – in association with Cornell University and graduate business school INSEAD. India’s Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is one of the knowledge partners which assists the GII team in bringing out the annual ranking.