Growth of electricity sector in India from 1947-2013

The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) released its annually published report titled "Growth of Electricity Sector in India from 1947-2013", which presents a comprehensive picture of the growth of the electricity sector, in terms of addition of generation capacity by various sectors in different categories, across the twelve plans period. The report also includes plan-wise growth of transmission lines in the country. As per the data presented in the report, the private sector contributed quite significantly to generation capacity addition, in the last few years. The generation capacity addition made by the private sector in 2001 was around 10,000 MW, while the public sector added nearly 30,000 MW power capacity, during the same period. However, the private sector accelerated its growth rate to catch up with the public sector and even surpassed it in 2013, with almost 70,000 MW capacity additions. The report also shows that there has been gradual growth of capacity addition for coal/lignite-based plants, gas/liquid-based plants, nuclear power plants and hydro electric power plants, over the years.