Guidelines for preparation of project reports under NRCP and NGRBA

The Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has been implementing an ambitious programme of pollution abatement of rivers in India. It started in 1985 with the Ganga Action Plan (GAP) and gradually extended to other polluted rivers through National River Conservation Plan (NRCP). The current programmes covered under NRCP include works in 172 towns along polluted stretches of various rivers spread over 20 states. To give a fresh impetus to pollution abatement of River Ganga and its tributaries, a major initiative under the National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) has been started in 2010. Given the size and scope covered under these programmes that involve a large number of agencies and individuals all over the country, it is necessary that proposals are prepared by the implementing agencies in the States to address the specific wastewater management problems to achieve the objectives of the programmes. This established the necessity of comprehensive guidelines that would not only help in addressing the various issues concerning the river pollution but also in expediting the decision making process. The guidelines for preparation of DPRs, presently in force, were issued by NRCD in 2002. However, since then a number of developments have taken place and lessons have been learnt that necessitate the revision of guidelines on preparing the DPRs. The guidelines will help state agencies in preparing quality proposals to address river pollution problems in a holistic manner.