Herbicide resistant crops: the truth about the world’s most widely grown engineered plants

In the article Herbicide Resistant Crops: The Truth About the World’s Most Widely Grown Engineered Plants, debunks the agrochemical industry’s claims that genetically modified (GM) crops are the solution to world hunger and malnutrition. Citing various evidence, the fact sheet reveals that the use of glyphosate-resistant seeds (GRCs) has worsened the plight of small farmers and tied them up to Monsanto, DuPont, Dow and Bayer. The health and environmental impacts are as devastating including cancer and other serious illnesses as well as depletion of soil nutrients and expansion of resistant weeds, among others. Worse, the agrochem giants are now poised to release crops resistant to more hazardous herbicides. Freese’s article exposes the flawed science of GM crops, warns governments from embracing the technology, and strongly recommends the adoption of agroecology.