Household Capital Expenditure in India: NSS 70th Round (January - December 2013)

The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) conducts nationwide socio-economic surveys as part of its “rounds”, each round normally of a year’s duration. The NSS are usually a household survey, the respondent households being selected at random through a scientific statistical design covering practically the entire geographical area of the country. The All-India Debt and Investment Survey (AIDIS) is generally conducted at an interval of ten years as one of the main enquiries of an NSS round. The present survey carried out as a part of the 70th round of Socio-Economic Survey of NSSO during January to December 2013 was the seventh in the series. The report is the fourth and the last in set of reports of the 70th round of AIDIS. This report covers several aspects of household capital expenditure by type of expenditure, broad heads of expenditure, source of finance etc.