This presentation by Anil V Kulkarni, Coordinator, Snow and Glacier Project, Space Application Centre (SAC) Ahmedabad delivered at CSE's South Asian Media Briefing Workshop on Aug 27, 2009 highlights the impact of climate change on Himalayan glaciers. Shows that Himalyas have approximately 33,000 sq km of glaciers but fragmentation of glaciers was taking place and it would have a profound impact on glacial retreat.

This presentation shows the importance of snow and glacier. It highlights the impact of climate change on himalayan glaciers. It also presents the snow studies describing the detail of loss area from 1962, snow line, snow depletion curve and average stream run off of Baspa river.

This presentation is delivered by SAC, ISRO, Ahmedabad in South Asian media briefing workshop on climate change, organised by Centre for science and environment on 27th Aug 09.