Poultry Development Policy of Andhra Pradesh 2016 -2020

The Livestock Sector, which provides bulk of the protein to human nutrition, contributes 7% to GSDP which is 26% of Agricultural Domestic Product. Poultry farming in Andhra Pradesh is the most dynamic and fastest growing segment of Agriculture Sector. The Chicken meat and egg being very essential elements of low cost protein in human diets, the Government has considered it necessary to intensify the production from Poultry sector through a comprehensive POULTRY DEVELOPMENT POLICY in the State. The major objectives of the Poultry Development Policy are to enhance
the production from commercial broilers, layers, encourage processing of eggs & chicken for value addition and promote exports in partnership with private players. The Policy also aims to promote rearing of low input high technology birds by DWCRA / Self Help Group women. Government with a view to make Andhra Pradesh as the highest egg and poultry meat producing State in the Country with sustainable growth in Poultry Sector for Economic Prosperity and Nutritional Security, hereby introduce the “POULTRY DEVELOPMENT POLICY 2016-2020”.