Proceedings of the workshop “Preparedness of REDD+ Project in Indiia” held at India Habitat Centre on 23rd March 2012

Read the Proceedings of the workshop “Preparedness of REDD+ Project in India” held at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 23 March 2012.

The key issues of REDD+ in context of India are forest governance, baseline reference, methodologies for assessing carbon, biodiversity conservation, maintenance of ecosystem services, livelihood and identification of carbon market for trading. The agenda for the workshop have been designed in such a way that all these critical issues should be discussed in details among the senior forest officials of various states, NGOs and researchers. The outcome of this workshop will benefit the state government officials from various states in understanding the key issues of REDD+ in India and officials from the
central government in preparing the REDD+ project and climate negotiation at the International level.

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