Progress on change in water-use efficiency 2021: global status and acceleration needs for SDG indicator 6.4.1

This report presents the global status on water-use efficiency and acceleration needs to achieve target 6.4 by 2030, based on the latest data on indicator 6.4.1. Water-use efficiency rose from 17.3 USD/m3 in 2015 to 18.9 USD/m3 in 2018 worldwide, representing a 9 percent efficiency increase. All economic sectors have seen an increase in their water-use efficiency since 2015. In 2018, the industrial sector had a water-use efficiency equivalent to 32 USD/m3, the services sector 112 USD/m3 and the agriculture sector 0.60 USD/m3. Compared with 2015, this represents an increase of 15 percent in the industrial sector, 8 percent in the services sector and 8 percent in the agriculture sector.