Rajasthan food and nutrition security analysis, 2023

The report presents an integrative analysis of food and nutrition security for Rajasthan and its districts and informs about the challenges of sustainable food systems in Rajasthan. The “Rajasthan Food and Nutrition Security Analysis Report, 2023” provides a mechanism to monitor the performance of Rajasthan on various targets and indicators of SDG. This report analyses Food and Nutrition Security through framework of its four pillars- Food Availability, Food Accessibility, Food Utilization and Food Stability. Proceeding through extensive analysis of these four pillars and their indicators, the overall progress for overall Rajasthan and at its district – level is examined. Ranking of districts for these four pillars and overall food security highlights the relative progress of districts in Rajasthan for each dimension. The report finally provides recommendations for improvement in overall food security for Rajasthan and specifically by its four pillars.