Rajasthan mineral policy 2011

The new mining policy announced by Rajasthan government to promote value
addition in minerals and generate employment while maintaining balance with environment considerations.



The new mineral policy has the following objectives: To create favorable environment for value addition of the minerals in the State; To enhance employment opportunities; To explore mineral wealth of the State by adopting modern exploration techniques with a priority for strategic minerals like lignite, limestone and base metals; To promote mechanized and scientific mining keeping in view the environmental measures and mineral conservation; To promote development of human resources for meeting the requirements of mining and mineral based industries; To de-mystify procedures and achieve greater transparency in decision making; To strengthen infrastructural facilities in mineral bearing areas with special emphasis on linking existing infrastructure; To promote prospecting and mining of noble and base metals, fertilizer and industrial minerals; To create environment for establishment of Lignite and Methane based industries as well as Petroleum Refinery in the State; To simplify the rules and procedures to remove the hurdles and bottlenecks in the interest of mineral development; and To implement welfare measures for the Mine Workers.