Renewable energy onsite generation and use in buildings

Of the total electricity consumption in year 2014-15 in India, residential and commercial buildings accounted for ~23% and ~8%, respectively. It is likely that there could be ten fold increase in electricity consumption in these segments in the next thirty years. While energy efficiency measures can reduce demand significantly, onsite renewable energy generation can help further reduce energy & electricity bills, dependence on the central electricity grid, reduce transmission and distribution (T&D) losses while generating clean energy at the same time. Direct onsite renewable energy use in buildings has significant potential and forms one of the key blocks within the larger move by India towards greater use of renewable energy. This report looks at the various onsite renewable energy generation technologies available in India, their policy-regulatory framework and their experience in deployment through various case studies. Supplemented by interaction with various stakeholders in this sector, the report focuses on identifying the opportunities and challenges in realizing the potential of onsite RE generation and use in buildings in India.