Report of joint committee on pesticide residues in and safet y standards for soft drinks, fruit juice and other beverages

A report of analysis of pesticide residues in soft drinks conducted by Centre for Science and Environment(CSE), was made public on 5th August, 2003. This Report was covered very prominently by both electronic and print media. In the Report it was stated that CSE found pesticide residues, in the samples of 12 soft drinks brands procured by it from open market in Delhi. The issue was also discussed in Lok Sabha on 6th August, 2003. The members expressed serious concern over the finding of pesticide residues in soft drinks and requested the Government to come with an explanation after finding out all the facts. The Minister of Health and Family Welfare assured the House that she will lay the facts on the matter after collecting the same. Subsequently the Minister made a statement on the matter in Lok Sabha and laid the same on the Table of Rajya Sabha on 21.8.2003. After the Minister laid her statement in the House, the members demanded a JPC probe in the matter. The Minister of Health and Family Welfare also agreed for the formation of JPC. At the end of the discussion, Hon