Report on oil spill in Arabian sea

MSC Chitra the out bound merchant vessel collided with M V Khalija III at around 5 nautical miles from the shore at 9.50 a.m. dt. 07/08/2010, when the latter was sailing towards the MbPT off Mumbai Harbour for berthing. At the time of incidence, MSC Chitra was carrying 2662 tonnes of fuel oil, 284 tonnes of diesel oil and 88 tonnes of lubricant oil. The accident resulted in oil spill and falling of cargos in sea from MSC Chitra. The collision has led to large
quantities of oil spilling in the sea. The oil spill has caused considerable damage to the Marine Ecosystem and to 110 Km shoreline of four districts, Mumbai City, Mumbai Suburban, Thane &
Raigad. It has washed to the shore, damaging shoreline, beaches & Mangroves.