Report on Unincorporated Non-Agricultural Enterprises (Excluding Construction) in Delhi

There were 8.10 lakh unincorporated non-agricultural enterprises in the national capital, of which 97 per cent were operating in urban Delhi, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said. Sisodia released a report on "Incorporated Non- agricultural Enterprises Excluding Constructions in Delhi". Of these 8.10 lakh enterprises, 53.8 per cent are own account enterprises (without any hired workers on a regular basis) and 46.2 per cent are for establishments (having at least one hired worker), he said, quoting from the report. The report was based on a survey undertaken by the Delhi government's Directorate of Economics and Business Statistics during 2015-16. Sisodia also said these 8.10 lakh unorganised enterprises generated around 19.5 lakh jobs.